Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Phone!

I have FINALLY decided to join the rest of the world and have been "movin' on up" to an
iPhone 4S
So far, I am loving it! My awesome momma ordered me the most fabulous monogram otterbox for Valentine's Day and it will be here soon! I will be sure to post a pic once it arrives! So do any of you other iPhone lovers have any app recommendations for me? What are some apps you use daily or like to use for shopping, gaming, music, etc.?

Have a FABULOUS day!


  1. Oh I love mine. My son who is 10 loves to ask it the craziest questions! Erica

  2. Temple run & tiny tower - warning...they are SO addictive!

  3. I just got this phone today!! :)

  4. Shazam, Pandora, Sleep Cycle, SkyView and MapQuest!