Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve Recap!

December 24th is one of my favorite days of the year! Christmas Eve night my entire mom's side of the family comes over for my momma's special lasagna! This year we missed my brother and sister-in-law, as they celebrated Christmas in England this year. We also missed my family that lives in Tuscaloosa this year. Things just weren't the same without 'everyone' in the house, but it was still a wonderful time! My cousin Kade came over Christmas Eve to open his gifts from us and we forgot how FABULOUS it is having a young kid in the house on Christmas!!! Mom collects the Department 56 villages, North Pole series and he was FASCINATED!!! I'm talking about he sit and stared at the villages looking for santa's house, reindeer barns, gumdrop shop, and cookie bakery for a good hour and a half!
 Kade is such a sweetheart, he made sure to hug everyone after opening gifts from them!
 Kade received a marshmallow gun from me and we had such a blast playing outside with it! Chloe had fun chasing the marshmallows and eating them :) She only had a few..
 This was Kade's big gift, he was so excited!!...Can you guess what it is?
 A Wii! He also recieved some Wii games and a toy truck that my dad built ramps and stuff for...I think my dad had more fun with that than Kade did!!
After dinner and gifts everyone went home and Momma, Dad, and I went to a Christmas Eve celebration at a family friend's home. We had such a nice time drinking Mrs.Paige's famous eggnog and chatting with friends! When we came back home, Mom, Dad, and I opened/exchanged gifts to each other.

Here's some lovely things I received:

Next up....Christmas! :)

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS new year so far!

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