Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Sweet Chloe

Chloe hasn't made an appearance on the blog in quite a while, so here's a couple pics of my sweet Chloe-Elizabeth during the holidays! She is having a little teeth cleaning procedure done this week at the vet. We usually have this done to her once a year. She eats too much people food and not enough doggy food, so healthy teeth are a MUST! They have to put her under anesthesia while doing this, so please say a little prayer for her during her teeth cleaning! Thanks! Puppy Anesthesia always worries this little puppy momma!

Have a "Paw-sitively" great day!


  1. Chloe is so cute! I love her little outfits! Pawsitively great day haha that cracks me up!

  2. We have a toy poodle and as well and he eats way too much human food and to say the least his breath is horrible. Do you think the teeth cleaning helps with bad breath???