Monday, December 14, 2009

It's beginning to look ALOT like Christmas!

It has been very busy around here! Finals, work, and Christmas shopping!!

Mom and I went shopping Sunday afternoon to finish some Christmas shopping and do some shopping for ourselves :)

My grandparents always babysit Chloe for us when we go to Montgomery because it's on the way and we can just drop her off and know that she's in good hands! We had to stop at CVS and get a prescription and the sweet little girl at the drive-thru gave Chloe a heart shaped dog biscuit :)

Chloe usually likes to ride on the center console (don't worry we hand on to her!) but she REALLY LOVES when her 'Cha-Cha' holds her. (Cha-Cha is what Chloe calls my momma, it's what she wants her grankids to call her because it's cool and hip!)

After we dropped Chloe off we headed to Bass Pro Shop. This place is HUGE! (and sooo NOT my kind of place) but we had to finish up my Uncle and my little cousin Danley. They LOVE Bass Pro, so we knew that whatever we got, they would love :) The only thing Mom and I ever get ourselves when we go to Bass Pro are some Cinnamon Cashews and a Diet Coke! These cashews are so YUMMY! Have any of you had them? They have them at a few malls as well.

As we were leaving Bass Pro...we saw something.. A TJMAXX!!! I'm not sure if any of you know about my love for TJMAXX, but it's alot of love. We decided to stop and see if they had anything we just couldn't live without.

We did find a super cute wooden and country looking tree hanger. I think we are going to put it in the center of a wreath on the front door :) Also, I found 3 cute pink/lime green Christmas bags that I got for a 'Panty Christmas Party' that I'm going to on Saturday night. It's where you bring a (new, OF COURSE) pair of panties and play Dirty Santa. There's only 4 of us that are having it, we are close friends and we have different sizes, so we are just buying 1 pair for each girl! I went to Victorias Secret and got those and wrapped them! So cute!

Have you ever seen this little dessert spot? Is it good? We were going to grab a cookie but we decided on Starbucks later :)

There's an outside mall in Montgomery and it's all decorated for Christmas, and Christmas music is playing as your stroll from store to store.

Here's our loot...or some of it :)

I LOVE 'Miss Me' Jeans! I will recommend them to anyone! Sizes 25-32. They are WONDERFUL! I bought this pair and they are so cute! There's a full shot and a close up of the rhinestone pocket. I have two other pairs of Miss Me's. One has rhinestone buttons and another of just plain with brown stitching. I love how Miss Me uses the thick white stitching like True Religion Jeans, but are HALF or more than half the price! :)

On the way home we stopped and ate supper at Five Guy's. This is what I ate! I LOVE their fries!

So...What do you do when you need to make a QUICK treat for company or a cookie/candy swap? Check back later to find out! :)

Have a good night!



  1. A pant Christmas party? Now that is just adorable. You and your Mom are to cute! I'm also loving those jeans!!

  2. Good heavens...your post made me super hungry!! I have never had Cinnamon Cashew, but they sound fantastic!!!!!

  3. Aww looks like a fun day! I love shopping with my mom - we go almost every week. :) Love those jeans too, I've never seen them before!