Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yay for Christmas time!

I am beyond thrilled that it is FINALLY December 1! I just love Christmas time! I love christmas music, the cold weather, christmas decor, time spent with family and friends, christmas cookies and cocoa!

What are some of your favorite things about December?
I worked on Black Friday, but only normal business hours, which are 10-6. I decided to go shopping before work. I went to Kohl's first. I bought 3 dresses for myself, some stocking stuffers for mom and friends. I went to Stein-Mart too. I was hoping to go to Screentech Warehouse for their annual warehouse sale each year on black friday weekend. Screentech is the place that makes all the Auburn, Alabama, Troy Trojans, and Georgia Bulldog apparel and gifts. Each year at their sale they have t-shirts for $5!! Sweatshirts for $15, Game day tee's $3, and Hats for $5! They have awesome deals! I try to go each year! I ended up buying an Auburn sweatshirt for myself and also an Auburn t-shirt that is so cute!
Here's the dresses I found at Kohl's that I just HAD to have :)

I couldn't find a pic of the other two dresses. Sorry :( But trust me! They are cute too!

Saturday was our 5th annual "Pajama Party" at work. It's always so much fun and we do it in appreciation of our customers! Here's how it works. You MUST wear pajamas. From 5-6am, you get any 1 item at 50% off, 6-7am, any 2 items at 40% off, 7-8am, any 3 items at 30% off, and 20% off entire purchase for the rest of the day. PJ'S must be worn from 5-8am. This year we had to have a security guard! He was so nice and did a great job!

Here's a Sorrelli necklace I got at 50% off! It's the new
Holiday color Cranberry in the Flower T-Shirt Style
I promise it's prettier in person! :)

Here's the line of those waiting to get their AWESOME deals at 4:45am!!
More showed up before 5am!!

Here's Jenn and I with our SECURITY GUARD!!! We told him to not wear his uniform and to look nice and spiffy! He sure did! This was taken right before we opened the doors at 5am! Jenn never went to sleep that night, and I slept for an hour and a half and was on my 3rd Diet Coke! We had some energy going!

Christmas decorating has begun at my house! We have our normal tree in our living room that has all white lights and has all of our Hallmark ornaments from each year, as well as other ornaments we have recieved as gifts and such! Each year my mother gives my brother and I a Hallmark ornament. It can be a collector series, (like the holiday Barbie's i had when i was a little girl) or something that describes something that happened in the last year. My mom always gives us our ornaments the first week of December. Today I got mine!! It's so cute. She got me the "Her Moment to Shine" Cinderella ornament to remember the year I started my blog Southern Cinderella!!! I LOVE IT!

I have a cute little white tree in my room that is decorated in all different kinds of cute ornaments! It has hot pink, lime green, purple, blue, orange, polka dots, and my dog Chloe's ornament I made her! I always look for new ornaments for my tree! My me-maw and I made my tree skirt, it's pink with purple rick-rack. I need to put a monogram on it! What do you think? I have added a bow on top since I took the pic AND presents!

Have any of you bloggers put any Christmas decorations up yet? Let's share some ideas!!

Have a great December everyone!!



  1. I love that necklace! You're brave to be out at 4:45. I didn't make it out until about 8:30!

  2. Thanks Christin! I am addicted to Sorrelli, I have tones of it! You would LOVE the rings! Hopefully next year, I won't be up so early!

  3. Love your little tree and the necklace you bought!!! That dress from Kohl's is super cute too. I need to head over there to find something to wear to my first Christmas party of the year. :) XOXO

  4. I love the dress, especially the little ruffles! I just bought one similar to that for my husband's Christmas party but it has little ruffles all over it. Super cute!

  5. Fun..fun...fun...the necklace is beautiful!
    Love the tree in your room. I'm a collector of ornaments too. I have way too many...you cannnot even put all of them on one tree. My favorites are vintage glass and country snowmen!
    Your mom got you the perfect one this year!
    I won't be doing much decorating this year because we will be at Holly and Richard's in yucky Louisiana!

  6. Wow, sounds like you had a blast shopping! I don't brave the stores on Black Friday, but I did do most my shopping on Cyber Monday -- three cheers for Amazon sales! :)

    No Christmas decorations yet... hopefully hubby will help me with them this weekend!
    Fa la la la la!