Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend 'Meet and Greets'

Saturday I worked all day and it was BUSY, BUSY! My boss treated me to lunch at Atlanta Bread Company! (Thanks Amie!) It was delicious! I had the Chicken Salad sandwich, no lettuce, tomato, or onion :) and a Diet Coke! Amie had the 1/2 salad and 1/2 soup. Her salad looked very yummy. She had the Mandarin Orange Salad with Asian sauce, and Potato Soup!
While enjoying our meal, I met Darby at Fly Through Our Window! I read her blog almost daily. Amie saw her walking in and knows her, so she introduced us! Sorry, I didn't take a picture. Go ahead and 'Fly through their Window'! I promise after our fun lunch date, we went back to work! :)...after we stopped to get some donuts for the girls at work. It's the Holidays and we need our sugar! Amie had a coupon!

Last night was the Panty Party I talked about in an earlier post. It was so much fun just being able to talk and enjoy one another's company! Good food, Good fellowship, Great Panties, GREAT friends!

I took some pics of Heather's Christmas decorations. She has a beautiful home with celadon blue walls, and pretty lilac bathrooms! This super cute tree was on the guest bathroom counter.

This cute scene is on a table when you walk into the front door.

I hope you girls have a great rest of the weekend!! Enjoy every moment of this Christmas season!

5 Days Until Christmas!



  1. No one would want to buy my kind of panties....I call them Grannie panties! LOL :)
    Now you know the secret is out!
    That's so funny that you met Darby! :)

    Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Cute pics!!!

    I think he ordered the diary from Amazon but I'm not sure!?