Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Family. This time of year is when we are most thankful for family and friends, however, we should be thankful for them each and every day! Tonight my grandparents and uncle came over for Lasagna. Lasagna is a family tradition for Christmas Eve dinner each year at our house. My Me-Maw made a very YUMMY cheeseball and I made a Baked Enchilada Dip served with mini Tostito's. This picture does NOT do it justice. I didn't get a before picture, because everyone loved it and devoured this dip in about 10 minutes!

After eating dinner, we talked and talked and watched the dogs play with each other. Becca is my grandparents dog. She is 6 years old, almost 7. Becca wore a pretty Christmas bow in her hair. I have no clue how she didn't pull it out! She does NOT like hairbows!We then decided to play a game called "Sharp Shooters". My dad played this a long time ago and had to search for it. Thnak goodness for Ebay, because that's where he found it! It's a lot of fun and my grandparents always enjoy it. It's just a dice rolling game basically.

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After my grandparents left, my mom, dad, and I exchanged some gifts. We always include Chloe of course! My momma gave Chloe a little hamster called a Zhu-Zhu pet that apparently tons of kids are asking for this Christmas...well, my dog has one! She loves it too! I figured I would leave ya'll with a video of sweet Chloe Elizabeth playing with her new toy! Enjoy! *If you would like to hit mute so that you don't have to hear my southern accent , please do so :)*

Merry Christmas!