Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chloe's Birthday

Chloe had a great 4th birthday last week! I worked all day and came home to her for dinner and dessert. Chloe Elizabeth also got to open her presents :) Momma took her for a cheeseburger with no bun for lunch..just meat and cheese! Here's some pics from her birthday! Please don't mind the fact that Chloe decided to open her presents up in the kitchen floor :)

Here are some FABULOUS new toys Chloe recieved for her birthday!!

Chloe recieved the orange horse below and loves it!
Amie and her doggy ,Lou, gave Chloe the doggy toy above in HOT PINK and some doggy treats that Amie says is "Doggy Cocaine"!

Have a FABULOUS day!


  1. Feeding your dog a cupcake is too cute!!

  2. I love it! So cute! I need to check out those toys!

  3. Awww love the pictures! Looks like Chloe had a wonderful birthday :)

  4. LOVING all the pictures of Miss Chloe's 4th birthday! She looks so sweet!! And it looks like she made out like a Bandit haha I doubt she is spoiled!! haha

  5. Aww - Happy Birthday Chloe!! Love giving doggies treats like that!! So cute!!

  6. ok that bday monkey was precious!
    chloe is a cutie!

    our MoMo (Moses) tears up all his toys in minutes...and don't even get me started on the kids stuff that is left around! he is getting better though! :o)

  7. Too cute!! Happy birthday Chloe!!

  8. Adorable! My little dogs have that birthday monkey too! Very fun! New follower