Sunday, July 11, 2010

England Trip- Part 2

*DAY 2-Shopping Trip with Rebecca
On the 2nd day of my England trip, Rebecca, her roomate Hannah(who her parents surprised her by flying her to town for the wedding), and I went to a larger town called Exeter, England to do some shopping :) I was so excited to go to H&M and Accessorize. I have never been to an H&M and was interested to see what all they had. I LOVE Accessorize and always visit their website but sad thing is...they don't ship to the U.S. Rebecca usually gives me gifts from there for my birthday and Christmas :)

At H&M I bought a skirt and top. You will see the outfit in pics of the London post :) At Accessorize, I bought a super cute necklace with shades of blues and purples. EVERYONE in England had these necklaces on! This one is very similar to the one I bought, just the colors are different :)

Hannah and I were having some fun in the stores with this hat and the sunglasses with pink visors built in!!

The white Pub pictured above is very old and is named after Queen Elizabeth II.

Look at the colorful taxi!

Any Twilight Eclipse fans out there? Anyone seen this one yet? I've heard it's good but haven't seen it.

Look at the brick design on the side of the building! Notice the sign "Shop to Let"? That means Shop to Rent :)

England had plenty of Coke and Diet Coke :)

Look at the man in his one person car!! How cute is that?

What a good name for a store! I believe in Retail Therapy!

*After leaving Exeter, I had a hair appointment and we decided to stop by the church where the wedding ceremony would take place in 2 days! The church was built in the 1500's and is such an English style church, something you would see in a movie :) This is St. George's Parish Church in Somerset, England.

Rebecca and I decided to try out the pulpit!

*After visiting the church, we went to see the new house Rebecca's parents are building! It is an old barn that they are rebuilding. It is 3 stories tall and very cute! We couldn't go inside because the construction crew was working. The views from the yard are pictured as well. Their new neighbors have pet sheep :) The were sheep everywhere!! "Everywhere a "baa-baa"!"

*Coming up in the next few posts, a feature on the shop "Delilah Petals" and the "Hen Party"!

Have a FABULOUS week!



  1. Oh my gosh, everything looks so pretty there! Keep the pictures coming!! :)

  2. such lovely photos. i envy you. wish i was in england right now! :)

  3. love love love all ur pics!

    i bought a skirt and blouse from monsoon when i was in manchester!! awww memories!