Sunday, July 18, 2010

England Trip- Part 4


In England, Bachelorette parties are called "Hen Parties". A few of Rebecca's friends threw such a fun evening for her 2 days before the wedding. My momma and I went and also Rebecca's mother, grandmother, and aunt. We started off the evening by eating at a very nice Indian Restaurant. Dinner came in like 5 courses and was good, but a little bland like some of the English food over's because they don't use as much salt as us Americans do :) While waiting on our food and drinking our drinks we played a few games. Kelly, one of the bridesmaids, asked my brother about 15 questions and he wrote down the answers. Rebecca had to see how well she knew her "future" husband. She did very well and only missed 1! Questions ranged from fav color, first job, etc. Another game we played was a poem contest. We were split into teams of 3. The team then had 10 minutes to write a poem about the bride and groom. The poems were sweet, funny, and just outrageously funny!!! That is a good game and fun for any shower/party. For dessert we had Rebecca's favorite cake, "Banoffe" Pie. Guess what is in it? Bananas and Toffee. Yum!
The "L" balloons in England mean "learner". Learner drivers have to have that magnet on the car when they are driving, these are for "Learner Wife"!

Rebecca and I before eating our meal!

Mommy and I

Remember the hat?? Hehe!

Rebecca and her youngest sister

Rhianna and I showing off our glasses!!

Opening my Bridesmaid gift! A clutch for the big day along with some earrings and a flower to wear in my hair.

One of my main courses. It's a Spicy Chicken dish.

Rebecca listening to her sisters read their poems!

Sweet Kelly and I

This girl is precious!! I just love Kerianne, she is a chipmunk at DisneyLand in Paris!

*After dinner, us girls decided to ditch the moms and aunts and go to a little pub to do some Karaoke and have some fun.
I hope you enjoyed looking at the Hen Party pics! What are some things you've done at "Hen Parties"?

Next up...Rehearsal Dinner and Weddings pics!!



  1. hen parties how freakin cute is that! My roomie is getting married in september- and he is from england! I must tell her she needs a hen party!

  2. I love the term hen party!! I think it's "stag night" for boys. Cute pictures. :)