Friday, July 30, 2010

London Pics

I have posted about things that have happened recently and never finished my England pics! So, here are just a FEW of the London pics! There are 300 London pics, and I figure I wouldn't bore ya'll too much :) There might be a few London posts for your viewing pleasure!

*We left for London on a Monday and arrived Monday night around 8:00 pm. On the way we stopped by a "Rest Area"...let me tell you what England's rest areas have to offer.

1.At least 4 Restauraunts (McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks, and a snack bar)
2. A mini Wallmart type store
3. A newspaper/magazine store
4 INSANELY nice potties

Why can't our rest areas be as nice? So here's some pics of us and our mini meals! OMG! I had these cheese bites from McD's amd they were SO YUMMY!!! I wish ours had them! Yes, I had to salt my own fries..I promise I didn't use as many in the pic! My brother had Chicken Poppers from KFC.
We arrived in London and settled into our hotel, rode the train into London, and saw the nightlife London had to offer. No stores were open because it was 9:45 pm by now. So we just walked and people watched, went to a souvenier (sp?) shop and HAD to have some food, we hadn't eaten since our snack at the rest area. So we opted for a pizza stand, surprisingly it was so yummy!

As I started uploading pics of window displays, and more of London, blogger wouldn't let me for like 2 hopefully Blogger will let me soon...this makes me real sad.

Have a FABULOUS week! I am working like a mad-woman (ALOT) all week and have to get everything ready for the family that's coming on Thursday to town for a "BBQ" themed reception for my brother and Rebecca for those friends and family who couldn't fly to the wedding.



  1. Love your pics so far. I can't believe their rest areas offer that much! Hope your week isn't too hectic!

  2. wow, I hate stopping at rest stops - this would definitely make me want to stop more if they were like that in the US