Friday, July 23, 2010

England Trip-Part 6

*WEDDING DAY-Getting Ready
On July 3rd, 2010 my brother married his best friend! The day started fairly early for us. I had my hair appointment at 9am, which means we had to leave the house at 8:20 to arrive at the salon on time. The salon had a scrumptious breakfast ready for us when we arrived. The mother of the bride and groom (my mommy) arrived an hour or so after us to get their hair done as well. I just LOVED the huge mirrors that the salon had, they were real pretty!

The Bride!

Breakfast included yogurt, croissants, fresh fruit, danishes, etc :)

*After the salon we all returned back to Rebecca's home to get ready and to eat a light lunch. We also had a cocktail hour while getting ready and had an English summer drink called Pimm's. We also got to see the bride for the first time and had some some time to take some pictures before the limo's came to pick us up.
While we were getting ready, a neighbor slipped some mail through the mail slot of the door for Rebecca. It was the first mail with "Mr and Mrs." on it.
Headed to the church!!!
The Wedding!
The Limo Driver, look how cute!
Off to the reception! Check back for Reception photos :)
I'm off to a BUSY weekend at work! It's our 7th Birthday at Hissyfits and we are having a HUGE sale!! Have a FABULOUS weekend!


  1. Those mirrors in the salon are gorgeous!
    I love how the brides mom wore a hat (reminds you of what guests wore to Princess Diana's wedding!)

  2. Fabulous! The wedding looks beautiful and enchanting!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous!!! :o)

    So happy that I stumbled upon your blog!

  4. what a pretty wedding! your blog is precious!
    i left you a blog award in my last post :)

  5. So beautiful! Tell your mom she looked gorgeous, but I think she should have worn a hat too :). BTW this is Angie Blaxton from your mom's work.