Tuesday, July 20, 2010

England Trip- Part 5

*Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Day
-Momma and I woke up the day before the wedding and there was nothing really planned for the day, so we walked into town to shop, sightsee, and get some lunch from a local sandwich shop :)

Look at this food! I was so excited to see BabyBel cheese! Look at the cool caps on Capri Sun, wish they were like that when I was a kid! That pasta looks so good to be in the refrigerator section of a supermarket!!

Mom and I stopped here to get a split a snack and look how HUGE those meringues were! They were the biggest ones I've EVER seen!!! We ended up getting a cupcake and Evian :)

I took NO pics at Rehearsal...SORRY!! But don't worry, wedding pics will make up for it :) Here are some pics at the Rehearsal DESSERT. We all ate dinner at Rebecca's house, her mom made dinner for everyone, and then afterwards we met all the other "American's" (that's what everyone called my family that flew over for the wedding on my dad's side). We met for dessert at a local restaurant. Look how amazing these dessert looked! They tasted JUST as LOVELY!

Above I am pictured with two of my cousins, Bridgett and Michael.

In the bottom 2 pics I am pictured with two of my uncles.

Next up...WEDDING DAY!!!



  1. How fun! I love just wondering around a new city getting acquainted with it!

  2. Great pictures!! I cannot get over how much ONE Capri sun IS there hahaha

  3. Great pictures! I especially like that first one -- very cool.

  4. so jealous of your wonderful trip!!!! thanks for sharing all these great pics with us. by the way, i gave you a blogger award today! check out my blog! http://southernbellesimple.blogspot.com/2010/07/oh-my-goodness-oh-my-goodness.html

  5. ohhhh i'm behind...can't wait to play catch up!

    ur making me want to go back to england...

  6. Girl you all had to much fun and to many good eats!
    Waitng for the wedding...........

  7. What a beautiful little place you are visiting!

  8. That bakery and those sweets look DIVINE!!