Friday, July 16, 2010

England Trip-Part 3


This adorable little boutique is a newby in Crewkerne, England. The super sweet owner opened this fabulous place just 2 months ago! She already has regular customers who come in twice a week! Delilah Petal offers many unique pieces of jewelry, home decor, gifts, children's games and books, and a big selection of fabric banners which are very popular in England. Sadly, there is no website for all my bloggers to visit but Delilah Petal will have one up and running in September and will ship to the U.S!

Everywhere in England sheets of wrapping paper were sold in specialty stores instead of by the rolls. The wrapping paper was gorgeous, it looked like pretty fabric :)

See the fabric banner acorss the top of the window? These are so popular there! I bought one that is different shades of pinks and white and it has cupcakes on it. I am using it for....


which is next Wednesday, the 21st!!!

Here is a pic of sweet Chloe since it's been awhile for ya'll!

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my favorite little store in Crewkerne, England! I bought tons of jewelry here, I will be sure to post the website once it opens for those that are interested :)

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


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  1. The 21st is my Harper's 1st Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Chloe!