Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun Finds and Eats!

As most of your girls know, I went to Hobby Lobby on Friday! The new location opened on Friday and it was crowded! Friday was full of thunderstorms and I was quite surprised at the number of cars in the parking lot and the amount of traffic on the roads. I went on my lunch break around 1:30 and found tons of cute/great suff and I didn't leave empty-handed! How cute is this damask melamine tray! I think I'm going to put a vinyl letter on it, it might be a little busy for a letter though, what do you think? I decided to make some HEART shaped brownies, since its so close to Valentine's Day!

Magnum decided he wanted to help make some brownies with me! Magnum and his siter Stevie fly to England on Wednesday! Have a FABULOUS week!!


  1. Cute Cute! Love the tray! Hobby Lobby is the bet!! Your pup sure is cute too!

  2. btw - so cool that you just picked up a copy of Southern Bride AL and saw my name in there! I never thought anyone would ever notice! ha ha! But glad you did!! =)