Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're Here!

Rebecca, my sister-in-law, has accepted and will be doing guest blogging about once a week during their time in England this upcoming year! If you have any questions for Rebecca feel free to leave a comment with the question or e-mail me at and I will tell her! I'm sure she would LOVE to answer your questions about their time in England.
"Here is a little chronicle of our trip so far.

1. We leave Mobile - sad day!

2. We fly over New Jersey - covered in snow!

3. A huge frozen lake in New Jersey.

4. The Statue of Liberty! - sorry about the quality, the iPhone zoom sucks! 5. Arrive in England - it's a little damp, but happy to arrive after 4 flights! (Mobile-Houston-New Jersey-Brussels-Bristol)

6. This is what kept Kyle happy. There were electrical outlets under the seats to plug in laptops and charge phones etc. So glad we had the laptop because they charged $6 to watch TV on one of our flights!

7. A few days ago we walked through a little coastal town with the puppies.

8. We walked through the town and on to the beach where little Stevie was very cold!

9. She kept shivering so I rubbed her back to keep her warm.

10. I wrapped my cute faux fur scarf from Brookstone scarf around her to ensure there was no cold air getting in!

11. We walked back along the cliffs - Magnum loved it because English rules are more relaxed about having your dog on a leash and all the dogs were really well behaved so Magnum ran off and played with about 5 dogs and he was very well behaved too!
12. Going home in the car Rhianna wanted to make sure Magnum's ears weren't cold. :)"

13. Alesha loves stevie! She's making it her mission to fatten her up and keep her warm and toasty. It's really not even that cold but poor little Stevie has like 0% body fat!

 14. The other day we went to Costa Coffee which is like Starbucks and Kyle ordered a large, which was especially large even by his standards!

15. We walked into town yesterday and Kyle wanted to take a picture on the bench he sat on with your mom.

16. It had just rained so we were kind of slipping and sliding down the hill, but it was nice to get fresh air and exercise!

17. Happy to be here, but missing y'all!

Today is my Grandad's 91st birthday lunch and tomorrow we're off to Rome - more pics will of course follow!

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