Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Girls Lock-In

Friday night I helped with a girls lock-in at church for the GA's (Girls In Action). GA's are girls in grades 1-6 who study about missionaries and help with mission work in the community and having tons of fun with each other while helping out! I remember when I was in the GA's at church we went on trips to GA Explosion's with other churches, planned a BackYard Bible Club in a local neighborhood, and prayed for local and international missionaries. The GA's had a BLAST at their lock in! They decorated cookies, made candles, got facials, and had their nails painted by Rebecca, Erica, and myself!

Did you notice ERICA from According to Erica???
The girls were so funny and so sweet! Some "customers" even had to come back and get a "touch-up" because they had chipped it by having too much fun running around being silly! There was a little girl who was cracking me up! As I was about to paint her nails she asked if she could see a "sample " of the colors on a piece of paper, apparently she couldnt tell through the bottles.

The popluar styles the girls loved were ZEBRA, POLKA DOTS, SILVER GLITTER, and INITIALS and CROSSES. Some girls even wanted the stencils on their thumbs!

After the Girl's Lock-In, my Sunday School teacher invited us over to their house to hang out. Erica went and played in their 2 year old's coloring playhouse!

Have a GREAT rest of the week!!


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