Thursday, February 17, 2011

Warm Weather Is Here!

Look at this FABULOUS weather forecast for southern Alabama this week!!!

Earlier this week on my lunch break, I decided to ride with the sunroof back and enjoy the fabulous weather! According to my car it was 74 degrees outside!! I wanted so badly to just drive that little hour and a half drive to the Florida beaches! Since I had to return back to work, I decided to just go to Barnes and Noble and pick up the new March issues of People Style Watch and Instyle magazines instead. Looking at all the Spring colors and fashions just makes me want Spring beach trips and summertime to get here MUCH faster!

I am SOO ready for Friday to get here!!! Is anyone else with me?? Another 3-day weekend is near!!



  1. We've certainly had some fabulous weather this week makes me excited for Spring!

  2. I'm loving the weather too! It's amazing!!

  3. SO excited for this weekend and this weather! Thank goodness for a half-day tomorrow! This was the first People Style Watch to be a decent size in a while, they were getting too thin but I loved this issue, so much cute stuff for spring! Virginia

  4. Ah, I cannot wait to go to the beach either! We need to plan a beach trip. :)

  5. not ready for the warm temps.....i like 50's!