Monday, February 21, 2011

OOT Lunch Date!

Saturday I traveled through Birmingham while on my way to spend time with family in Tuscaloosa. I was so excited to be able to spend some time with Kathy and her husband Greg. We decided to have lunch in The Summit at Flip Burger Boutique. Kathy, Greg, and I have eaten there before and it was SO good that we decided to go again! Here's a picture of Kathy and I looking out over some of Birmingham at The Summit. Leave it to men to take a picture while the girls are in mid sentence. I was in the middle of saying something, notice my mouth is open a little.
Here's a little look inside FLIP Burger Boutique.

I'm super excited about having Monday off!! I am planning on taking Chloe to the lake for a walk, some tanning, and some shopping :)

Have a great President's Day!

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