Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Polish Please.

Ya'll know how I LOVE the People Style Watch magazine! In the February issue, there was a new O.P.I polish that was so dazzling and sparkly!! I knew I just HAD to have it!!

I bought the 4th one from the left. It's called "Teenage Dream". It's really fun and sparkly!! I put it over an overlay of baby pink and it looks super cute!! Justin Beiber also has a O.P.I Nicole nail polish line! Smart for him, because all the teenage girls will be buying it up!!

Is there a new nail polish you just love and want to share??

Have a FABULOUS day!!



  1. I love that Teenage Dream one! I'm dying to run to the store and get it! I just hate taking glitter OFF.. it's practically impossible! lol but it looks super cute!

  2. I ran right out to Ulta when I heard about this and also got Teenage Dream. I'm so drawn to sparkly things :)

    I just got a polish from Jesse's Girl called Confetti that I'm loving. I just posted about it today.