Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Late Mother's Day!

Mother's Day weekend was busy with work and studying for finals. Of course, it included a lot about MOM. Sunday, mom opened up her gifts from me and Chloe and mom had 2 gifts for me from Chloe :)

Mom was so excited to get The Pioneer Woman's cookbook. She has been wanting this for awhile now, and has already picked out tons of things to make next week!
Mom also recieved a Lilly Pulitzer Address Book. She has needed a new one, her old little one was completely FULL!

My sweet baby doggy Chloe knew just what I wanted for Mother's Day...a white purse for spring! I love it! It's big, soft leather, and has a comfy woven leather handle. If you want one, it comes in black, brown, and white from Express. (my fav store)Chloe also got me a Brighton cinderella carriage charm for my Pandora bracelet :) I love anything Cinderella (..notice my blog name) It opens up and the inside is pink!

Here are some pics of my Momma and I throughout the past couple of years :)

This was taken a few years ago on my birthday.

This is a pic of our good friend Sami-Jo at her bridal shower.

I like this last pic because my mommy looks real happy laughing :) This is her giving her dad his birthday present last year.

I had a Business Law final tonight which was much easier than I thought. A math one in the morning and also a Macroeconomics on Wednesday. Tomorrow night my aunt is coming to visit and I am SO excited! We are going out to dinner when I get off work :) Wednesday I am off and so excited because I am getting my hair needs it bad, I just love going to get my hair cut, I might just have to go get a mani/pedi too for getting through finals :)



  1. I want the Pioneer Woman cookbook so bad too!

  2. I have a Pandora bracelet too and love getting charms :) Your carriage charm is so cute!

  3. The Pioneer Woman cookbook is SO awesome! I recommend the Mocha Brownies since you guys like cupcakes so much! They are AWESOME! My fiance likes them so much, he is having them as his groom's cake at our wedding! The roast is really good as well as the potato skins!! Good luck on finals!

  4. Glad yall had a great day! I would love to have that cookbook is awesome!!
    Good luck with your tests.

  5. Love love love the white purse!!

  6. ooohh....all great mother's day gifts!! Love your new purse! Your pictures are precious, as always!!

  7. Looks like you guys had a great mother's day:) I left you an award over on my blog! :)