Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lovely Days

Don't you just love days where you can do whatever it is you want to? They are my favorite kind of days!! Yesterday, I had the day off. I took my last final in Macroeconomics. I washed my car and it is now all nice and shiny, picked up my contacts, and went to Troy with my momma. We did some shopping and just enjoyed an afternoon drive a little north of town. We surprised my Me-Maw at work, she was SO excited!! Went to some cute shops downtown, had a wonderful chicken salad sandwhich for lunch, and came home because I got my hair highlighted in the afternoon :) I then came home and momma had made the first thing from her Pioneer Woman cookbook! These yummy potato skins!! Today I didn't go into work until the afternoon. My dad came home last night from being out of town for 15 days. He sent momma and I this morning to get mani's and pedi's! I got french tips on my nails and wanted something different for my I chose PuRpLe! After mani/pedi's momma and I went to a little shop downtown and mom and I both bought a pair of summer shoes. I decided on these champagne colored Athena Alexander heels with rhinestones. They are so comfy! Usually if I find a shoe that fits, I must buy it..I wear a size 5 and it's so hard to find shoes in that size!

After working up an appetite, my parents and I decided on Red Lobster for lunch. Dad had grilled salmon, momma had some blackened cajun shrimp, and I had a bowl of Bacon-cheddar potato soup with about 4 of their AWESOME biscuits :) I love some carbs!

After eating we decided to go to the mall and look around, I bought this super cute necklace. Ready for this? Originally $30, on sale for $19.99, I had a gift card with no clue how much was on it! After the gift card, my total came to $2.36 !!! I was so excited!
I then decided that I needed some dessert before work :) I LOVE Great American Cookie Company cookies! So Yummy! We have one in our mall, and I just HAD to have an M&M Double Doozie! They are my favorite! I usually get a Coke Icee too, but decided water was better :)
What's your favorite cookie?


  1. Sounds like an awesome day girlie!!!!!! LOVE that necklace!!! So pretty! :) favorite cookie. That's a hard one but I think I'd have to choose peanut butter! Yum!!

  2. Fun with the Fam!! Watch those carbs girl...they will get you!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love your necklace! SO cute and I have to have the biscuits coming at all times at Red is thee one carb I will not pass up! haha

  4. I am a fan of the sugar cookie double doozie. They are delicious!