Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Blues

Today has been a typical Monday...just blah. I haven't had the best of days. My mommy did bring me some yummy cookies today at work :) I am a sucker for cookies, they are one of my favorite treats..of course cupcakes are #1. I have been slacking in the tanning department, so I headed back to the good ol' tanning beds. I just love the 15 or 20 minutes of relaxation in a tanning bed :)

Momma and I have been talking about our sweet doggy Chloe and how she needs a chair of her own for when we eat dinner, play cards, sew, talk, etc at the table...well I came home and my Mom found the PERFECT thing for my sweet angel...she LOVES it! As you all may already know, Chloe Elizabeth is treated like a human at my house :)

I also made Chloe a quilt today with some "feel good" minky material on the back. She has a quilt on the couch and ottoman that my Me-Maw made just for her and she has to have one in the car when she sits in the center console. So it was only right that I made her a pink/coral/lime quilt :) Perfect for summer! Whatcha think?

I am also working on another little something for a baby gift, but I can't show pics because Baby Ava's mommy looks on here...hey Amy P!! :)
In the next day or so, I will say what I did this past weekend...I went to the movies..can you guess which movie I went to go see??


  1. I treat my lil dog like a human too! I would take him everywhere and in every store if I could!! Sorry this Monday wasn't the best . . .hope it has gotten better! =)

  2. I love the chair for your doggy so cute! My dog also does not know he is human! Yay for cookies from your momma to brighten your day!!

  3. How adorable is Chloe in her chair. Such a fun idea!!! And I'm so jealous of your mad sewing skills. I really need to learn this talent. :) XOXO

  4. oh my gosh, that is THE sweetest thing! love making our pets more included :)

  5. I LOVE minky fabric! I can never resist feeling it as I walk past it in the aisle... :)

  6. Ha! I had to say our little Sammy looks soooo much like Chloe! I had to do a double cute! And LOVE the chair. Not a bad idea at all!

    New follower here and just wanted to say, love your blog!

  7. Chloe in that high chair is the funniest thing ever! I need to break out my sewing machine for some projects -love your little quilt!

    I'm having a surprise give*away if you'd like to enter :)