Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miss Me?

Hey ya'll! I haven't been on in a while, but life has been crazy! I'm sure you all understand what I mean! Finals are next week and I am so excited!! I am ready for summer to be here..England here I come!! :)

I have been working like crazy and am so excited to have a day off tomorrow!! What shall I do? I will most likely eat lunch with mom and study for finals all day and then I have class at night. (my morning class tomorrow is cancelled..yippee!)

I so forgot to show ya'll my newest thing! Look how cute this cartag is on "Sadie"!
It's a mirrored car tag which is why you can see me taking the pic..but it has my monogram on it! Gotta love monograms! I ordered this from The Preppy Polka Dot on etsy. Only $18!! What a cute gift this would be for a sweet sixteen under $20!

Have a fabulous day everyone! I am starving and going to Subway :)



  1. That is very cute! I may have to order one with my new initials!!

  2. LOVE that cartag!!!!! So cute!!! I'll have to get me one of those!! :)

  3. love that...will have to see if our state allows the whole 'no plate' on front thingy...i'm thinking they do. :o(