Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day! Wednesday's are my fav's because it's the hump, or middle, of the week! It means the weekend is coming closer!!! My week so far has been going wonderfully!

Monday- I worked all day and when I got off work I just HAD to go and do some shopping! I really want a pair of glitter pumps/heels to wear to the Sex and the City 2 movie..Carrie wears them in the new movie. I found a pair here at that an orthopedic surgeon created.. I really need these! But they won't arrive in time, maybe I will order them another time. What do you think?

So I went to Payless to look at shoes. I wear a size 5 shoe..a size 5 people!!! So hard to find shoes! Well Payless has a good selection of cute shoes in my size and it was BOGO time! One pair was $12.99, one was $16.99 and I got $25 and some change got me 2 cute pairs of summer sandals! The white ones below are in the June/July issue of People StyleWatch pg.130 in purple :)

Also on Monday I went to TJMaxx and got a phone call from Jereme and said that he wanted to take me to dinner! Remember him?

So we had a wonderful meal at Red Elephant where I had the Pasta YaYa and he had a Club sandwhich. Then we went to Great American Cookie Company for Double Doozie M&M Cookies :)
Tuesday I worked all day and went to Barnes and Noble to get the new People StyleWatch and Instyle magazines :) I then came home to a homecooked dinner made by my mommy. Ranch baked chicken and twice baked potatoes :) Yummy!
Guess what I'll be doing tonight at Midnight??
Watching SEX AND THE CITY 2!!!! I am so excited to go and see this!!!
Here's to a FABULOUS day!!


  1. Cute shoes!! And YAY!!! for SEX AND THE CITY 2 :)

  2. way cute sandals girl! Isn't that funny that girls want to go buy a new outfit or shoes for the SATC movie! I'm the same way! Hope you have a great day!

  3. I always love reading about your adventures!
    Cute sandals! I have those white ones i black!

  4. I just found your blog, and it is adorable! I love the gold shoes! I'm going to see SATC2 tomorrow night, and I am so incredibly excited! You'll have to write a review tomorrow! Have an amazing night!

  5. I love double doozies!! I like the sugar cookie ones the best. I can't wait to see SATC2, you will have to let us know how it is.

  6. I forgot to tell you in my earlier comment that I am passing along a blog award to you in a post either today or tomorrow if you want to play along!

  7. Love those glittery shoes. :)