Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!!
Today I am celebrating our independence at my grandparent's house! There is nothing better than being with family on a holiday! I am pretty excited I was off work and able to sleep in for about an hour this morning :) Last Wednesday at work we had a 4th of July lunch. It was so yummy! If you live near the Dothan area, you must try out Zach's restaurant. They catered our meal and it was simply delicious! We had some fried chicken, BBQ, baked beans, creamed corn, and a very good potato salad! (trust me it was good, i hardly eat potato salad, but i ate this kind!) We also had 2 cakes handmade and Gary made his famous "cornbread fritters"! I took my camera hoping to take pics of my co-workers for their 'blog debut' because they are wanting to be featured real bad! After they found out about 'Southern Cinderella', they now read it daily looking for new posts to read! Anyways, I totally didn't take any pics of our lunch..silly me!

However, I did take a pic of some 'Star Spangled Treats' I made for the girls and guys at work on Friday! I took 16 stars to work and 2 were left!!! Guess they enjoyed them :)
 Wanna know how to make these cuties?? When I got done making these, I couldn't help but think about other holidays I could make these for..then I thought "Lindsay, why haven't you thought of this before?"
All you do is make your Rice Krispy treats as normal. Of course with Rice Krispie brand cereal and large Jet-Puffed brand marshmallows :) Let the rice krispy treats sit in the 13x9 pan for a couple hours to "set" and harden a little. Then you get a cookie cutter (make sure it's a metal cookie cutter and not plastic) and cut out your shapes! I realized after about 4 stars that it was getting harder to cut out the shapes, so I got some butter and rubbed it on the inside/outside of the cookie cutter so it wouldn't stick :) Aren't I smart? Then I dipped the top of the stars in melted vanilla Almond Bark and sprinkled with patriotic sprinkles :)
I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS 4th of July! Maybe I will get some sparklers to make it official :)



  1. Looks yummy! The husband saw this while I was reading this and wants some!

  2. These do look yummy! I will def be making some soon!

  3. Those look SO good! I'm gonna have to try to make those some day! :)

  4. they seem simple, yet delicious! definitely on my list now of things I want to bake!

  5. They look amazing..what a great simple idea!

  6. These look so delicious! Just found your blog and loving it!