Sunday, July 3, 2011

There's always reason for cake..

Happy 1st Anniversary
Kyle and Rebecca!

A year ago today I was in ENGLAND and enjoying every moment of it! As many of you already know I was in England on a 'va-cay' for my brother's wedding!! It was a gorgeous event! Today Kyle and Rebecca flew back to England and I was the lucky one who was picked to drive them to the airport in Montgomery :) Look how cute the happy couple is on their 1 year anniversary!


When Kyle went to weigh his luggage, his bag weighed 56 pounds. The weight limit is 50 pounds per bag. Rebecca's luggage was 44 pounds. Kyle had to transfer some stuff from his luggage to hers. He got a little embarrased that I took his pic doing this...hehehe! I just couldn't resist!
Last night we had cake to celebrate!! I ordered this 'smash cake' from Publix and let me say that this was SOO good :) Mom made sure to set the table with their wedding program and pics from the wedding and wedding festivities! Isn't my Momma the best??

Since I am SUCH a sweet sister, I made dinner last night for the happy couple :) A new recipe made from "Hungry Girls' 300 under 300" cookbook and homemade french fries! I even put them in old-fashioned baskets with liners I found at Wal-Mart recently :)
Here's the recipe for the burgers I made that were under 300 calories each! They were SOOO good too :)

Hungry Girl's Stuffed Bacon Cheeseburger
Kyle likes to call this "Burger Surprise"
These instructions are for 1-ONE burger.

Mix 4 oz. extra-lean ground beef (thanks to Ashley at work for explaining lean meat to me and telling me to use 93/7) with 1 Tbs. precooked crumbled bacon plus salt and pepper to taste; form a ball around 1 wedge Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss; flatten slightly into a thick patty; cook to desired doneness.

Have a GREAT week!!!

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  1. I love how you and your mama always decorate a table. Totally something I love to do! :)