Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hometown DONUTS!

There's nothing that I love more than southern small town charm! Many of you already know that about me. I love discovering the many wonderful hidden treasures small towns have to offer. The city of Ozark has a hidden treasure that I thought I would share with ya'll!

KC's Donuts and Dawgs in Downtown Ozark, Al

This donut shop reminds me of my childhood, that may be the very reason why I love it so much! When I was little (like preschool/elementary) there was a local donut shop that made the BEST donut holes. That business got sold and then closed. KC's Donuts and Dawgs makes donut holes that TASTE SO GOOD! They taste JUST like my "childhood" donut holes, if not better! I seriously could eat 3 dozen at a time! (most of the time I do!)
Not only does KC's have the normal original glazed donuts, but they also have PANCAKE BACON and MAPLE donuts. KC's even has Honey Buns that are made with 100% local Honey!!!
 Donuts and other specialty items such as Elephant Ears and Apple Fritters are baked fresh EVERYDAY at 4:00 am!! I think this is correct, forgive me if I'm wrong but KC's Donuts and Dawgs is open Monday-Friday 5 or 6am-2pm and Saturday 5 or 6am-10am.
 One thing I also love about KC's Donuts is that every month they donate 100% of tips to a local organization or cause! This month's tips go to VOCAL.
If your in the Ozark area this weekend, why not go to KC's Saturday morning and grab a dozen donuts to take home or bring the family to downtown Ozark and eat at the 50's style soda fountain! I plan on going again this Saturday morning for some donut holes :) If you stop by make sure to let them know Lindsay sent you!


  1. You now have me craving donuts, hmmm now I know what I am getting during my lunch break!

  2. oh my! Yum. Donuts are my ultimate weakness.