Monday, July 25, 2011

Party Re-Cap!

Chloe had a FABULOUS birthday, I made sure to tell her that my blog friends wished her a Happy day! Momma mainly decoratedfor the party while I was at work and at a doctor's appointment. Around 5:30 Chloe's guests showed up! Heath was supposed to work Thursday night but was able to be off and SURPRISED me and showed up! My grandparents came and of course they brought Becca. Ms. Mary and Traci came too! Chloe's new friend Zoe tagged along too and looked so precious in her "party outfit"!

Here's some homemade announcements I sent out to family that live out of town. They are always asking me to send pics of Chloe!
Here's some pics of the decor :)
The banner blow was handmade by a lady in England, it has cupcakes on it! I bought it last summer during my visit there!

Here momma and I are with the BIRTHDAY GIRL!


 Ms. Mary made Chloe a SUPER cute halter dress (dont look at my face :)
.....and my Me-Maw made Chloe this awesome quilt with doggies on it! Me-Maw hand embroidered this! No sewing machine was used at ALL!!
Heath played with sweet Zoe most of the time, Chloe didn't mind sharing!

As you can tell, Chloe-Elizabeth had a fabulous 5th birthday! She now has plenty of new toys and 'Pupperoni' sticks to last her a few months!

O yes, Becca and Zoe also let with a PARTY FAVOR which consisted of decorated doggy treats from ForPetsSake Bakery and a squeaky toy!

**If you are in the Dothan or wiregrass area and have a pet that you just LOVE..then you can sign up for the pet birthday club at ForPet'sSake Pet Boutique and Bakery and they will send you an e-mail for a FREE toy and FREE personalized dog cookie!**

Here's Chloe's cookie after Momma let it melt..yes, I blame her :) Luv Luv Momma!
Chloe also got a zebra print bone squeak toy!


  1. Wow! What an extravagant Birthday party. Such a special dog! So glad you spoil her so.

  2. Chloe is so cute. Too bad she hates me. :( haha