Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alabama Football

First off, let me start by saying WAR EAGLE! I wasn't the happiest camper after watching the Auburn game Saturday afternoon against Clemson, but I still stand behind the tigers and support them no matter what! I think we lost because I was in Tuscaloosa ;) My friend Caleb found out I was coming to T-Town and got me a student ticket for the Bama game! Remember him? Caleb has been a very good friend of mine since 6th grade! We still kept in touch when he moved away our Sophomore year. Anywho, my FIRST Bama game was a success! We had a blast! We went to a local T-Town hot spot called "The Houndstooth" before the game. I didn't want to take my camera into the game..too bulky! So I have some before and after pics!
 Had to have a Black and White and a color pic!
Here's my friend Jackson and his sweet momma Ms. Nancy! Jackson, Caleb, and I all went to school together and they are 'roomies'! They have an apartment right near Bryant-Denney Stadium. See it in the background?
Here's a phone pic of Caleb and I in the stadium. Thanks to Tyler for taking our pic! This was my first Bama game to attend at Bryant-Denney! I am used to the Iron Bowl's at Jordan-Hare...WAR EAGLE! ;) Notice my SORRELLI jewelry? Ya'll know I'm obsessed!
I couldn't help but snag these pics of Caleb and Tyler after the game!
 Boys will be boys..

Have a FABULOUS week!

*Congrats to Troy (where I attend..at the Dothan campus anyways) for playing a good game against Arkansas! *


  1. Can't WAIT for the 'BAMA game this weekend! Go Hogs!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I love your outfit- is this a shirt or a dress? It's too cute!

  3. I'm extremely impressed you even WORE BAMA attire and you're an AU fan. Your hair has gotten long. I like it!

  4. you r very pretty Roll Tide