Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Football season is well under way and this past Friday night I was able to go to watch my cousin Darby majorette during her high school game! Friday night Tuscaloosa's Hillcrest High's Patriots played their HUGE rival team and WON against Tuscaloosa County High. The final score was 28-7. I forgot about how fun a high school football game can be!
Before the 'BIG GAME', a special tribute performance was conducted by BOTH rival teams. It was so neat watching the rivals come together to do something so special for all the veterans, police officers, firefighters, etc that were in attendance that night, they were even brought out on the field to be recognized!
Look at my FABULOUS cousin Darby doin' her thang'!!! She just rocks at majorette!

The sheriff's department delivered the gameball and "dropped" it into the arms of a deputy on the field! So neat!! Can you see the gameball being dropped? It's right above the building.
As I sat in the stands behind the student section, I couldn't help but reminisce about all the memories I made at my Carroll High pep rallies, homecoming, and football games!

Here we are under a sign that we helped hold up while the other team was coming onto the field! Another neat experience at the game!
Here's some more pics of Darby :)

Here's my Uncle Jeff supporting Darby with her 'Spirit Pin'
I wore one too on my cardigan! Sorry it's a lil blurry :(
Can you tell I had a FABULOUS Friday night in Tuscaloosa?!?

Stay tuned to see what else I did in Tuscaloosa this weekend...


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  1. Oh my goodness this looks like so much fun and really makes me want to be in high school again! Ours was no where near as intense though! Can I go to this high school? Think they would take me in as like an honorary student? Love it!