Saturday, September 24, 2011

Surprise Pick-Me-Up

Have you ever had one of those days where that starts off bad, and it makes your whole day go bad? Earlier this week, that happened to me! Here's what happened...
  • I woke up a little late
  • I didn't feel comfortable or cute in the clothes I decided to wear
  • I left my bracelet at home
  • I decided to do my eye make-up different and it looked good :)
  • Then I cried like crazy on the way to work and messed it up
  • I got upset because my car messed up...again. It sounded like an awful go-cart/18 wheeler. I was running late to work and knew I had to just KEEP driving and get to work..Come to find out, I must've run over something and messed up something underneath...real bad :(
  • Momma had to get an earfull of my complaining and madness. I didn't feel safe driving to work. No one should ever feel like they aren't safe in their own vehicle.
  • However, it is fixed now :)
In the early afternoon at work that day I was so surprised by a sweet delivery that was made just for me! My sweet Momma and Dad decided to send me a little "pick me up" to help my day get better! It sure made me smile! Some super pretty flowers complete with a Diet Coke and my fav Heath Bar cookies from a local bakery!
After my "bad day" I realized it wasn't so bad. So many people have got it so much worse! Here I am worried about a car and how much the upkeep is. I should be thankful I have a car that is running and runs very well. I should be thankful that I have a good job. Many people today are homeless, broke, and jobless. A girl I know found out she has another brain tumor today...she had one removed a few weeks ago. She is in Birmingham undergoing treatments to try and shrink it. Someone else I know was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. I have so much to be thankful for and I am extremely blessed for my good health! No matter how bad of a day we may have, we have GOT to find something positive about the situation because someone else always has it worse!

*Please include those mentioned above and their health in your prayer! Thanks!*

Every morning I start my day by listening to a local Christian radio station. If your in the Wiregrass area, I recommend 94.3 HIS Radio :) It's so uplifting and helps start my day on the right track!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


  1. Let me just say I completely understand why you were having a bad day. If I don't feel comfortable in my clothes, I worry about it all day. I hate the feeling of NOT feeling cute in an outfit. It ruins my day when my car messes up and I cannot begin to tell you how much I understand not feeling safe in your own car. I completely understand. But we are SOO SOO blessed to have a car, to have clothes, and to have loving families that take care of us. :) I'll be praying for the people you mentioned.

  2. I had a moment like this the other day. And then I was going through my blog and reading some comments from not too long ago and someone said 'You know what? You have a pretty great life.' and I had the exact same realization as you.

    Hopefully the next day was much better!

  3. I can totally relate! that was so sweet of your parents though :)

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and LOVE it! not to mention you have the cutest outfits ever! :)

  4. So sweet of your parents. Everytime I have a bad day, I always think "you know, it could be a lot worse". At the end of a bad day, I am always extra thankful for everything I am blessed with.

    I'm glad you got your car fixed! :)

  5. Such an uplifting post! I have totally been there and that is super sweet of your parents to think of you and send you a little pick me up. As for the radio... Its a total WIN to start off your day with what I like to call my "Jesus music" :) It helps bring my mind back to the important things in life!