Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bye Bye Mali.

The Mali' (my trusty car) let me down again today...this time smoke from the hood was not involved...just some cap under the hood broke...and caused the Mali to run no more. It stinks I wasted a brand new Tyler Candle Company air freshener (I put it in the Mali this morning) and that I wasted $25 on gas for her.. O well!

This means car shopping this weekend and next week for me! YAY! Any ideas on a type of car or SUV? Anything I SHOULD NOT get?

This weekend will be crazy busy, because it is Holiday Open House at my work this weekend, and I have family coming down for the weekend. You bloggers might not hear from me much this weekend..but I promise I will have new pics next week!!
Go HERE to get a special coupon if you want to come see me at work this weekend and start some Christmas shopping!!

A Journey Through the Waiting Game is having a super cute giveaway! Go check it out! She also has an Etsy store! You will love her blog too! Her 'What's for Lunch Wednesday' posts are my fav!

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!