Friday, November 20, 2009


YAY! It's Friday! I just love the weekends! I also love that I don't have class for a whole week and 3 days!!
This morning I had a very sweet, lovely customer at the boutique I work at come and bring a surprise for myself and the other girls! Mrs. J called yesterday and asked how I was doing and when I was working next. I told her I worked today and she wanted to bring a treat! She stopped by this morning and had homemade chocolate chip cookies on a cute gold platter! She gives the best hugs and is always in a bright and cheery mood! So sorry I didn't take a pic, but here's one that looks similar to the wonderful treats I had!

Last night I started wrapping presents for Christmas!!! Can you believe it? We are celebrating Christmas for my brother and his fiancee, Rebecca at Thanksgiving. They are spending Christmas in ENGLAND!! Her family lives there. and they go celebrate Christmas there every other year. I can't wait until their July 2010 wedding in England!

I can't wait to ride a double decker!!

...or see Big Ben

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!



  1. Excitement every day for a fun!

    Did you read this post?

    It includes you! :)

  2. Just came across your blog and love it!

  3. I know that my brother enjoys living there. He has been there for close to 9 1/2 yrs. I have been to England before and have enjoyed it each time. About 4 yrs ago my husband met my father and I over there. It was his first time out of the US. He loves it and would love to go back.
    My brother married a girl from Greece and they got married outside of Athens. It was a wonderful trip amd I know that you will have a grand time for their wedding.