Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a BEAUTIFUL day!

I can not believe how gorgeous it is in south Alabama today. Monday's are always a little tough for me. After a great weekend, it's always difficult to get back into the swing of things. Today has been one of the best Monday's I've had in a long time. The weather might have had a little something to do with it! My mother made waffles for breakfast this morning before I went to class. O the joys of living at home!! My English 102 class was cancelled today, so I used that time to do some shopping! I went to Belk to pay a bill, and I was unaware that they opened at 10am. As I walked to the doors outside, two older grandmothers walked up behind me..this was at 9:47. The doors were locked. At 10:04 Belk employees opened the door. During those few minutes of standing outside, I had a wonderful chat with these two precious ladies, both were grandmothers. We talked about Auburn football (WAR EAGLE!), the gorgeous day we were a part of, family traditions, and the cost of bell peppers. One of the grandmothers told me how she wishes bell peppers cost $0.10 a piece as well as other veggies just like they did at local markets when she was younger. Both talked about their grandchildren and how ready they are for the holidays. Those two women made me think about how important family is and how important is is to cherish each moment you are given. We should always live in the moment, and not in the past or future.

After leaving Belk, I then went to one of my favorite places of ALL TIME! T.J. Maxx. I could spend hours in there! Today I spent an hour and a half. I am not one who enjoys digging and flipping through things, so I don't look through the clothing..only every once and awhile. I look through the jewelry counter, purses, accessories, and home decor. Home decor is my favorite! I can not wait to have a place of my own! Today I walked out with 2 canisters of small pink ornaments. My bedroom is black, white, and 2 shades of pink. Last year I bought a small pink Christmas tree for my room. The ornaments I bought today are going to be used to fill glass hurricane vases. They will turn out well, I promise. I've seen it in magazines and decided it would be cute for maybe my windowsill...any other ideas?? I love ANYTHING monogrammed and I love writing little letters to friends every now and then. I picked up the cutest set of "L" notecards for $3.99! Do you like to recieve 'fun mail'? I sure do!! The last items I bought were two SUPER CUTE Christmas aprons for my mother and I. We LOVE cooking together, especially during the holidays! I am getting them monogrammed and will show pics another day! They were only $7.99! O how I LOVE T.J. Maxx!

I could not leave my dear Chloe Elizabeth out on my shopping day, so I stopped by PetsMart and got her a new squeaky toy for being so good while she was home alone today! Let me let ya'll in on something. Chloe has VERY bad separation anxiety and it just hurts our heart when we have to leave her home alone for even a few hours. She is literally our "little baby"!

I will be trying out some new recipes from some new Nov./Dec. magazines this week, and if any are 'blogworthy', I will post keep your eyes out!!
I hope everyone has had a FABULOUS Monday!


  1. OMGosh I have found someone else that LOVES TJM--the home decor section--my FAVE too! We bought tons of stuff for HOlly's wedding there....dishes for the reception and stuff for decorating! Love it! Always go for the Christmas stuff before and after to the sales!

    I'm glad to see a younger person who appreciates: living at home, family, old people and pink! Bless you!

  2. Thanks girl! I go to TJM at least once a week! They get their shipments usually on Tuesdays and Thursday!!