Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What A Day!

Let me start off by saying..It's been one of those days.

Class went really well this morning, which is always nice. I have yet ANOTHER research paper due next week. I just keep telling myself this is the LAST time I will take English again :) I have always been a fan of writing papers and such, but this semester needs to hurry up and get over with. I have to write a paper on a movie, explain how the movie was made and special effects and such. My professor said that most little kid movies work best because of all the technology they use. I decided to write my paper on Pixar's "Cars"

Have any of you seen this cute little movie? It explains to us that life is about the journey and NOT the finish line.

I was so excited when class was over with because I had a FABULOUS lunch date with my real good friend, Courtney. We like to eat at The Butcher's Block. They have a wonderful variety of meat, seafood, cheeses, and wine. They have a small lunch menu too!

I had the Chicken Salad Croissant and it was SCRUMPTIOUS! Courtney had the Brisket sandwhich topped with coleslaw. That's her fav!

I did some window-shopping and then went to work.

These boots WILL be mine soon :)

I called my mom when I got off and we went to a new mexican restaurant for dinner. I had the chicken and cheese nachos. (half-order) :) and mom had a dinner combination #1 which consists of a taco, enchilada, and rice. Our waitress was so friendly! She checked on us regularly, filled our water glasses often, had a little convo, and was in a good mood and glad to be there.It's hard to find that these days because people have no work ethic!! Another story, another time.

While driving home from dinner, my car made a loud beeping noise and knob thing was going crazy!! I looked ahead...and there was smoke coming from the Mali :( Needless to say..the Mali is spending the night in a random parking lot until a tow truck can get her in the morning. Thank goodness my parents were both in town! Pray that everything works out! Hopefully it will be no biggie! I mean I did do the best thing by pulling over ASAP! :)

The weekend is almost here! Who's excited? Any fun plans?

Take Care! -Lindsay


  1. I love shopping and eating out with my best girl!
    Sorry about your car :(
    and good luck on the paper...I remember those days!

  2. girl i remember those school days! seems like only yesterday! ha! good luck on your schooling! you are very start and will go far! sorry to hear about your car. when i had my explorer, it did the same thing with smoke coming out and it was bouncing down the road! HA! where did you find those boots??? i have been looking for some cowgirl boots and cant seem to find any that i like...please share??? have a good weekend!

  3. Cora, Isn't "girl time" awesome?

    Holly, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's car started smoking while driving down the road. I got the boots at Dillard's. They are BCBG and about $150.

    Mrs.Southern Bride, Thanks so much!