Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So Excited!

YAY! I am so excited that A Journey Through the Waiting Game nominated me for my FIRST ever blog award! The Fabulous SUGAR DOLL Award! I'm thrilled!

Here are the rules: I have to list 10 interesting facts about myself then pass along the award to 10 other bloggers!

1. I always have Burt's Bee's lip balm in my purse.
2. I love ANYTHING personalized!
3. Eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough straight from the fridge is the best!
4. When I was in 3rd grade, I dressed up as a bag of jelly beans for our church's Fall Festival and won 1st place.
5.I wear at least 1 piece of Sorrelli jewelry everyday.
6. I've never had to deal with wisdom teeth..I don't have any :)
7. Cherry flavored blow-pops are my favorite lollipop.
8. When I eat peanut M&M's, I ALWAYS eat the yellow ones first.
9. It brightens my day when I get mail..in the mailbox :)
10. I Can't wait for Thanksgiving! It's my favorite holiday!

Here's who I nominate:
2. Heather at Mrs.Southern Bride
4. Carrie at Carrie On
5. Natalie at Natalie's Notes
6. Amie at Hissyfits
I know I'm supposed to nominate 10, but maybe it will be ok if I just put 6. I'm new to blogging and need to meet more 'blog friends' :) I am excited about this award! Thanks to those who follow me and leave comments! It makes me happy! So please leave me comments :)

Guess what I recieved today at work?? I've had a not so good weekend and my dear friend Caleb, who lives out of town had these sent to me at work today! Daisy's are my favorite!!

I went and visited Cora at Heartfelt and Homemade this past weekend at the "Holly Days" craft show. Cora is so sweet, kind, and gorgeous!

In between classes today, I met a friend at TJMaxx and we piddled around and took some pics! Here I am all ready for my England trip...or maybe even the Kentucky Derby! What do you think?

Happy Tuesday everyone! Have a great week!



  1. your so cute! i hope that you have a better week this week! so glad to see you this past saturday!
    p.s. i got the cupcake pj's from sears!

  2. holly, thanks girl! it was so good to see you as well!

  3. Yeah Holly bought me the PJ's...I love them! Thanks for the nomination and award! It's so cute! I'm so glad you didn't have any wisdom teeth..because I know what its like to deal with people who have to have them pulled...when I worked at Dr. D's office...including poor Holly! You are so funny and cute and I love you!

  4. What a cute blog, Lindsay :) Glad you found mine. I added you to my friends list- and thanks for the award, too!

  5. Aww thank you for the award!!! I'm going to post it asap :) Keep up the good blogging, we newbies have to stick together!

  6. Your blog is so cute! Im glad I stumbled onto it!

  7. Love your blog and the name... my dream job was always to be cinderella at disney:)