Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

It's Monday!! I have so many things that I'd LIKE to do this week and so many things that I NEED to do this week. The first thing we ALL NEED to do this week and to take a look around at all the wonderful things in life that we are thankful for. Im thankful for a roof over my head, family and friends that love me, food in the kitchen, my education, my job, and my precious Chloe Elizabeth!

Here's a list of the things I NEED to do this week:
1. Finish my research paper
2. Work on some Math homework
3. Cook 'Unbundled Green Beans' for Thanksgiving
4. Figure out a dessert to make
5. Get plenty of sleep for my work's "Pajama Party" Saturday from 430am-615pm

Here's a list of the things I would LIKE to do this week:
1. Go see the movie 'The Blindside"
2. Go see the movie 'New Moon'
3.Get a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks

4.Get Chloe's outfit for her pictures with "Santa Paws"

*Later this week I will show you last year's picure of 'Santa Paws' and Chloe!*



  1. Cute blog! My dog's name is Chloe too. :)

  2. New Moon was great! I heard Blind Side was really good too - that's definitely on my "would like to do" list.

  3. Holly has already seen Blindside...she said it was so good! She would watch it again and again..I can't wait to see it! You've got a busy week ahead of you! Have fun and take care!

  4. Alison- Thanks! Great minds think alike!

    JessicaElizabeth and Cora- Thanks for letting me know what you thought about the movies! Hopefully I will be able to see them soon!

  5. Hi! I just came across your blog today and love reading it! I too am juggling college and deff. looking for that prince charming haha! I recently started blogging about my weight loss journey of loosing 156lbs in 11months and of course about my other thoughts and such :o). I love finding other blogs like yours to read, especially ones I can relate to :o). I totally agree go see New Moon, its SO SO good! I am actually going tomorrow night for the 2nd time in less than a week lol! I am looking forward to reading your blog more!

  6. I'm totally digging your "Like to do" list! I'm hoping to at least do a couple of those things this weekend!