Sunday, November 1, 2009

Can you believe it?

It's November!!
What a fun and busy weekend I have had! My weekend was spent with family, friends, and homework. Some friends of mine came home from Tuscaloosa, we carved some pumpkins, and attended the National Peanut Festival.
My good friend Caleb and I scooping out the guts!

Separating the seeds and 'gunk' so I could bake some Pumpkin Seeds

Our cute pumpkins lit up on Halloween! Mine is the sassy girl :)
Our finished products.
A sassy girl pumpkin, a man pumpkin with bowtie, and an 'L' for Lindsay

Welcome to the Peanut Festival!

Each year when I go to the festival, I MUST eat a corndog from the Official "Corndog Man". These are by far the best corndogs ever! The Corndog Man passed away a few years ago and now his family owns the business and keeps the customers happy year after year. Fair food is my favorite! Today I went with my parents to the fair and it was a lovely day! I enjoyed a corndog, Diet Coke of course, some Kettle Korn, pink cotton candy, and of course some boiled peanuts!! My dad enjoyed the fair food the most.

Enjoying some boiled peanuts!

Some friends that we ran into!

My mom insisted I get my picture with "Daisy" the cow.

There are many exhibits to look at. Numerous clubs, organizations, and talented people from the Tri-State area participate in different categories such as; photography, peanut scenes, recipe contest, best veggies, pumpkin decorating, and cattle.

This was my favorite pumpkin! This is a very cute Cinderella carriage!

Look at all these delicious prize-winning veggies!! YUM!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Have a FABULOUS week!


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  1. Looks like you had tons of fun!
    Can't wait til I can roast my pumpkin seeds! I did not carve a Halloween I'm saving it for pumpkin pies, etc!