Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hurricane Ida is getting ready to make landfall. I believe the weather people have said it is now down to a tropical storm, not 100% sure. Correct me if I'm wrong. It has rained off and on this afternoon, so I did what I normally do on Mondays, before the rain got a little bad. Class went well today, which is always nice. Since today was Monday...I went to TJMaxx! I did find a few things. I have been searching for a small glass cake stand with lid..but NOT for $40! Everywhere I have searched for one (usually internet) they are always $40 or more..for a SMALL one! TJMaxx came through for me once again, and had a PERFECT one for $9.99! That's right bloggers, only $10! I was excited! I was sooo excited that when I got home, I wanted to use it right away. I had to make something to put in it and so I decided Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins!! They are my favorite and so yummy! What do you think?

I set my mini muffins on top of an orange dessert plate and added a zebra print ribbon! I cant wait to put cute christmas cookies in here, floral decoration, or a pound cake cupcake with cream cheese icing! O the possibilities are endless!!

I worked on a project today and I wonder who can guess what it is! I will post a pic either tomorrow or Wednesday of what the answer is. What am I making that uses these 2 items (plus 2 more items)?

I'm going to let you bloggers in on one of my favorite things to eat. I am a HUGE pasta fan, and this particular pasta is the best! Ready in only about 10-11 minutes after your water is boiled, this delicious Tortellini is YUMMY and perfect for quick meals. I had this tonight for dinner :) It's really inexpensive. A small 8 oz. bag which is about 2 servings, maybe 3 (if you eat tiny portions) is $3.50, and a 12 oz. bag which is about 3 servings, maybe 4 is $4.50. Try it and tell me what you think. It's good plain with fresh parmesan cheese, or with pasta sauce, or Alfredo sauce!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful week!



  1. Ok...My guess would be this: a silver tray which you are going to polish and then paint the center with chalk board paint! Then hang it!
    How close was I?
    I did this on one but did not keep it as a chalk board....I put a "WELCOME" in the center! You'll see it at the craft show! :)

  2. my guess is the same as my mom's. yes...we do think very much alike. scary sometimes! hope to see you at the craft show! i just love your blog!

  3. Cute blog! I just stumbled over and wanted to say hi! Hope your project turns out amazing!